Sunken City Kekova Boat Tour inc lunch
With a nice leisurely start 09:30 from the Kas harbour, we’ll board the boat and set off on our journey through the calm waters towards Kekova. 1. INONU BAY : You be offered refreshments in the sun as we continue on our scenic ride to our first stop, Inonu Bay, where you’ll have to chance to first swim 2. AQUARIUM BAY : Approaching Kekova, our second stop is the aptly named ‘Aquarium Bay’. Dive into the crystal clear waters and swim amongst the colorful sea life as we cook your tasty lunch of barbequed chicken and a variety of Turkish salads and appetizers. 3. SHIPYARD BAY : After lunch we’ll continue to ‘Tersane’, the site of an ancient shipbuilding yard. 4. SUNKEN CITY :From here you’ll get more and more immersed in history as we cruise over the famous sunken city 5. KALEKOY VILLAGE (SIMENA CASTLE) : Kalekoy village, only accessible by boat or on foot, was built on top of and amongst the ruins of the ancient city of Simena. You’ll have an hour of free time here. 6. YAĞLICA BAY :With everyone loaded back up on the boat, we’ll head to our final destination of sea and sun, Yaglica Bay. 7. ÇAMLIK BAY : On the way back to Kas our last swimming stop. Tour starts at 09:15 am from Larsoy Travel Office and finishes at 18:00 pm in Kas Harbour. There is lunch on board. Freshly prepared Turkish tapas, rice, pasta, salad and fish or chicken or meat balls included
Lycian Photo Service
Have you come to Kaş and want to discover the most attractive spots of this wonderful seaside town and have your photo taken? I am the person you are looking for. I will take your beautiful poses and edit some of them.
Traditional Turkish Cooking Class
Do you like delicious Turkish food? If your answer is yes, join us… You can cook these delicious delicacies, too, by using the fresh and natural products from our garden… First we will pick our vegetables from our garden, then we will go to the kitchen to prepare our meals, set our table and eat with pleasure. Our delicious homemade surprises will accompany our meals. We have transportation service from the city center of Antalya. Please contact us for the meeting point.
Alanya Private City Tour
Русский текст внизу Private excursion from a professional english-speaking guide around Alanya and suburbs (discounted museums tickets!): * Ancient Alanya castle on the cliff with fortifications and amazing town-castle with panoramic caffe, old cemetery and hiking path around the castle * Red Tower and its history, viewpoints and fortifications * Ancient shipyard with museum of ship construction * Hidden pirate beach with the possibility of swimming. * Light house and instagram location on the pier. * Cave Damlatash and the history of famous Kleopatra beach * Alanya antique museum (optional) Авторская приватная екскурсия на весь день. Знакомство с Аланией и ее достопремечательностями: Крепость Красна башня Судоверфь Пиратский пляж Маяк Музей античности Музей Ататюрка Пещера Дамлаташ
Cooking class with Turkish family
(Please send a message for your alternative date requests) I am inviting you to my house! There is no better way to discover a new culture than to eat with them! We will cook and have dinner together with my family and will dive into local life and culture. I will meet you at the Migros Mall and bring them home with my car(also drive you back). We offer you to cook and eat some of traditional Turkish food and appetizers (also known as Meze) in a family environment. All ingredients will be prepared in front of your eyes with cooking techniques and tips. You will learn lots of things about Turkish cuisine and be ready to cook in your hometown. * Mantı (Turkish ravioli) * Hummus * Zucchini & Carrot salad * Spicy Tomato Salad * Semolina Halva (Dessert) * Tea * Turkish coffee
The pleasure of canoeing in the nature canyon
it is new exploring canyon. So I am first person in Antalya who before explored there. The place is 30 munite far away in centrum. In road you will Antalya village and culture also. We should a little walk and passing small lake after parking my car. It will be take 7 munite. So please take comfortable shoes or sandals for walking water and rock. The area is between gardens so you can see lemon and pomegrade garden as well. Than I will be prepare canoe for you. In this time you can swiming or explore around. We will be exploring canyon with together or your familly how you want. It is so intersting place between two highest mountain with canyon. We will drive a cano in there. I will make great pictures and videos for you. We will have a time also for swimming in natural place just you. Than we are coming back again starting place. When I prepare canoe to come back you will also swimming. So you will need just enjoy and you will be one of lucky person in Antalya I have a three canoe and 4 sup so you will be also big group. If you want to more people ı will find canoe also. I have a 3 life jacket. Anycase tell me about it You dont need to how to swimming. (If u know swimming also you can swim natural pools) (Take it your swimming clothes and extra) If you want to breakfast or something write me what you want. you can check ins: antalyacanoe
Expo'da Sıcak Bir Karşılama
Herkese merhaba sizleri Antalya EXPO' fuarında benzersiz bir deneyime çıkaracağım. Bu turda sizlere eşlik edip fuardaki insanlarla tanışmanızı ve fırsatları yakalamanızı sağlıyacağım. Antalya merkezden çıkacağımız yolculuk yaklaşık olarak 15-20 dakika sürecek ve daha sonra fuar alanına giriş yapacağız. Güncel fuar takviminden sizi haberdar edip kendim de çalışmalar yapacağım bütün fuar boyunca yanınızda olup, sizlere fuardaki çeşitli ürünler hakkında bilgi vereceğim. Eğer bir çevirmene ihtiyacınız olursa yine sizlere yardımcı olacağım! Görüşmek üzere...
Maldivlerin Tadını Çıkarın Ama Türkiye'de
Merhaba Ben İrem, henüz Türkiye'nin Maldiv'lerini görmediniz mi? Sizleri eşsiz bir deneyime çıkaracağım, Burdur'dan başlayacak olan deneyimimiz köyleri ziyaret ederek yerli pazarları gezecek ve doğal güzelliklerin tadını çıkaracağız. Daha sonra Salda ilçesinde güzel bir çay içtikten sonra, Salda Gölüne doğru ilerleyeceğiz. Burada piknik ve suyun tadını çıkarmak serbest! Sizler bu doğal güzelliğin tadını çıkarırken ben ise sizlere rehber olacağım tabi ki bu deneyim sırasında size harika hatıralar ve fotoğraflar biriktireceğim.
Backgammon (Tavla) Courses
Hi All; I hope you may have seen some people playing backgammon which is one of our traditional board games here in Turkey. If you are interested with this lovely game, I am ready to teach it to you. So lets start: - Backgammon History Explanition - Introducing Game Materials - Just Simply Watching Another Game - Explaning The Game Rules - Teaching The Game by playing a demo game - Playing a Friendly Game Other things to note I am sure you will learn and enjoy
Explore canyons
!!!!(if you are single or a couple, Tour time and day can be changed as desired. Please message me)!!! 9:30 in the morning you Antalya (Konyaalti, Muratpasa district) pick up where you left off by my car and to Manavgat(from Antalya 100km) are moving towards. We stop for breakfast on the way. After breakfast, we will continue to the canyon. As we approach the Tazı canyon, we will hiking for 1km in forrest. We will sit in the Tazı canyon and enjoy the spectacular view. Here we will meet the peasant people and drink tea with them. Then we will have a delicious lunch in a nice restaurant. After lunch, we will go to bridge canyon. We will visit the bridge which has been going on since Roman times and take photos. those who want to swim in the ice-cold water of the river or can get their feet into the river. I will take your videos and photos with my gopro camera during our entire journey. I'll turn it into a movie and send it to you free. We leave the passengers to the places we take and complete the tour. Other things to note please just on time
Cool party until the morning in the bars of Antalya
Well, friends, we are ready to break into Antalya with a fresh party among the most earthly coasts Having visited our party at least once, not counting the cool vibe and other attributes, you plunge into a truly friendly company of people united by a common goal - to forget about problems and problems in the company of like-minded people! I know how much this is lacking in today's unfavorable situation in the world. I hold parties in the coolest places in Antalya. As a rule, I organize parties every weekend, but it is possible that this will be more often. Follow the announcements! As a rule, our party takes place in such places as Night club SOHO, Night club Ally, Night club Ally, Bar The Barrel Free drinks are included in the price, but don't forget to bring money with you if you don't have enough.
Daily catamaran sailing tours with skipper and chef
Yelkenli Katamaranımız 10 kişiye kadar, paylaşımlı yada sadece size özel arkadaşlarınız, aileniz veya iş arkadaşlarınızla unutulmaz bir deneyimi paylaşmak için ideal bir fırsat sunar. Katamaranlar çift gövdeli olmaları nedeniyle, daha stabildir ve daha önce hiç deneyimi olmayan misafirlerin bile yelken keyfi yaşamasına olanak sağlarlar. Kaş Marinadan sabah 10:00 da hareket edeceğiz, Kaş civarındaki koylar ve adalara yelken açacağız, Akdeniz mutfağından öğlen yemeği yiyeceksiniz, Bol bol yelken yapıp, yüzme molaları vereceğiz. Teknede bulunan maske ve şnorkel ekipmanlarımızı ve Stand-up Paddle Boardlarımızı kullanabileceksiniz. Sabah Çay, kahve ve kek ikramımız, Öğlen balık, tavuk yada köfte, yanında salata ile lezzetli bir yemek. Akşam üzeri çay, kahve ikramı ve meyve servisimiz. Bol bol yelken yapıp, denizin keyfini çıkartacağınız muhteşem bir gün sizleri bekliyor. Akşam üzeri saat 17:00 de marinaya döneceğiz.
Daily life in a village of Kaş
After meeting at KALKAN I will take you to our village Bezirgan with a transportation vehicle that will be enough for us. It takes 20 minutes (17 km). We will visit the village's historic plane trees and granaries. If you want to take some photos ı will be ready as a photographer :) We will visit the houses in the village and take part in their daily routine. We will have the opportunity to drink tea in the village coffee and interact with the villagers and observe them. And then we will take the same way to our starting point.
Explore the old town with local taste
(Tour time and day can be changed as desired. Please message me) Pls note that: Tours without licensed tourguide is illegal. According to Turkish law, only licensed professional tourist guides allowed to guide tours in Turkey. Don't panic i am a licensed tourist guide :) Before your booking, make sure that your tour will be led by a licensed guide to avoid problems later. ..:: Our expedition starts at The Clock Tower (where we will meet) . Then we will start to explore ancient and historical streets, you will meet all hidden and known points of Old Town (Kaleiçi) I will show you the most featured and some secret spots of Old Town (Kaleiçi). Etnographic Museum, Clock Tower, Karatay Medrese, Local Flavor Tasting, Hidirlik Tower, Panoramic Terasses, Hadrian's Gate and Ancient City Walls, are just a few example routes of our tour. It is a walking tour around 3 hours on foot. We walk through the narrow streets of old town and explore the atmposphere. Please take a look at my all experiences, -Explore the Old Town With Local Taste -Termessos : Travel Into Ancient Times - Call Of Ancient History In Perge#AntalyaOldtown #experienceinantalya
Termessos : Travel Into Ancient Times
Time time and date can be changed as desired. Pls ask for more info Pls note that: Tours without licensed tourguide is illegal. According to Turkish law, only licensed professional tourist guides allowed to guide tours in Turkey. Don't panic i am a licensed tourist guide :) Before your booking make sure that your tour will be led by a licensed guide. -Termessos ancient city is located at the top of the mountain like Machu Picchu in Peru. Our tour starts from the city center of Antalya. I will pick you up from city center with a private car to the magical atmosphere of the Termessos ancient city. We will make a journey to the past in Ancient Termessos. We will see life in the ancient city, gymnasium, baths, water canals, colonnaded street, agora, theater, bouleuterion, temple of artemis and hadrian, city walls and gates, bouleuterion, necropolis, rock tombs, heroum (monument), antique fortification walls. End of the tour we will turn back to the city center. The city is 1050 meters above sea level in the Taurus mountain range. We will walk in a mountainous region in the national park. No worries you don't have to climb there is a pathway. Termessos is 38 km far from Antalya. Please take a look at my all experiences, -Explore the Old Town With Local Taste -Termessos : Travel Into Ancient Times #great for travellers, #great for groups, #great for teams, #great for team-building
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