3 bed Ptarmigan Condo/Loft
2 - 12歲

Wonderful 2 bedroom plus loft condo in Ptarmigan Village. Close to the ski hill, whitefish lake access and town. Sleeps 6 comfortably and conveniently located in between Whitefish Mountain and downtown. Hot tub, tennis courts and a walking path.




Stumptown Vacation Rentals, LLC. VACATION RENTAL AGREEMENT
This is a Vacation Rental Agreement. Your signature on this Agreement is evidence of your acceptance of the Agreement and of your intent to use the Premises as a Vacation Rental and not as a permanent or primary residence. This Agreement shall NOT be binding until signed by Management. The Manager herein is Stumptown Vacation Rentals, LLC. , which manages the Premises as Agent for the Owner. Manager executes this Vacation Rental Agreement only as disclosed Agent of the Owner and not on Manager’s own behalf. Manager is authorized to accept service of process, notices, and demands on behalf of the Owner. The address of the Manager, for purpose of service of process, notices, and demands is PO Box 1903, Whitefish MT 59937 .
Street City TENANT PHONE NUMBER: __________________________
TENANT EMAIL: ___________________________________ ADDITIONAL OCCUPANTS:
Check-In Day: Check-Out Day:
Time: 3:00 PM
Time: 10:00 AM MST
Rental Rate $
Cleaning Fee $__________ Bed Tax $
$___________ Security Deposit $
Total Amount Du(URL HIDDEN)Initial
A credit card is required as a security deposit in case any damage occurs during your stay. Full payment required if paying by check.
Pay by:
Card Number: ________________________ EXP date: ______ CVV code: ______ Billing Address: ______________________________________________________
Street Payment amount:
Mail Check to:
City MT Zip Payment __________
Stumptown Vacation Rentals, LLC PO Box 1903
Whitefish, MT 59937
1. INITIAL PAYMENT: If you consent to the terms of this Agreement, we require the initial payment and the security deposit to be paid in full upon making the reservation. If your check-in date is less than 90 days from the date of the reservation, full payment is required. Agent accepts personal checks, traveler’s checks, bank checks, VISA, or Mastercard. Tenant agrees to pay a $50.00 fee for any check returned due to insufficient funds. Failure to pay the final payment 30 days prior to arrival, will result in the reservation being cancelled and Tenant will forfeit their initial payment per Section 3 of this Agreement. The rental rate includes a cleaning fee.
2. FINAL PAYMENT: The final payment is due no later than 30 days prior to check-in.
3. CANCELLATION: We require 30 days cancellation notice in writing prior to the check-in date. If given 30 days or more notice, 100% of the initial payment will be refunded. If less than 30 days notice is given, 100% of the initial payment will be forfeited. Management charges $100 cancelation fee for any cancellation. Management reserves the right to cancel this Agreement with 30 days notice provided to Tenant. If a cancellation does occur on behalf of Management, all monies shall be returned to Tenant.
4. SECURITY DEPOSIT: Manager will do a pre-authorization of $ in case of possible damages. Manager may deduct from the security deposit a sum equal to any damage alleged to have been caused by Tenant, a sum for the cost of any necessary cleaning expenses above the $________cleaning fee detailed in Section 6 of this Agreement, together with a sum equal to any unpaid rent, late charges, penalties due under this Agreement, and other money owed by Tenant at the time of deduction, or as otherwise provided by any applicable provisions of Montana law. Manager shall provide Tenant, concurrent with the signing of this Agreement, a separate written statement as to the present condition of the Premises.
5. CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT: The check-in time is 3:00pm , Management will give instructions for access. If you plan to arrive after 3:00pm , please notify Agent to make necessary arrangements. The check-out time is 10:00am . All late check-outs must be arranged in writing with Management in advance and may require additional charges.
6. CLEANING: At the end of the rental term, Tenant shall remove all their property and leave the premises reasonably clean and in good condition. All trash should be placed in plastic trash bags, tied securely, and placed in garbage bins, all dishes should be washed and put away, and all windows should be
closed and locked prior to check-out. Any costs required for cleaning in excess of the $________ cleaning fee will be due upon demand.
7. REPAIRS: All repairs and maintenance problems should be referred to the Agent. Air conditioners, TVs, and other appliances will occasionally malfunction and cannot be guaranteed to perform. Management guarantees that repairs will be done as soon as possible during normal business hours.
There will be no refunds for furnishings or early departure due to breakdown of air conditioner, heater, appliances, etc., if breakdown is due to weather and/or other conditions over which Management has no control.
8. PERSONAL PROPERTY: Neither the Owner nor the Agent is responsible for loss or damage to Tenant’s personal property, including vehicles and property left in vehicles. Items left in rental unit will be returned where possible at the Tenant’s expense. BY SIGNING THIS RENTAL AGREEMENT, THE TENANT AGREES THAT UPON SURRENDER OR -ABANDONMENT, AS DEFINED BY MCA (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN), MANAGEMENT SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR STORAGE OR DISPOSITION OF THE TENANT’S PERSONAL PROPERTY AS DESCRIBED UNDER MONTANA LAW. A FEE WILL BE CHARGED FOR THIS SERVICE AND FOR STORAGE COSTS. Additionally, by signing below, Tenant hereby authorizes towing and/or removal of any vehicles abandoned by the Tenant or their guests on the Premises.
9. PETS: Tenant will not bring or allow pets on the Premises without prior written consent of the Agent. If pet is allowed, Tenant will pay an additional deposit in the amount of $ , and Tenant will be responsible for any additional damages caused by the pet.
10. NO SMOKING: No smoking is allowed inside the house. Any costs related to cleaning up smoke related damage to the property will be charged to the Tenant.
11. PARKING: Tenant agrees that no parking is allowed except for the area designated for parking. Any damage to lawns or landscape will be charged to Tenant. Tenant is not to repair or disassemble vehicles on the Premises.
12. GUESTS/PARTIES/NOISE: House parties are strictly prohibited. The Tenant must supervise any guests while on the Premises. Tenant and their guests agree not to violate the quiet enjoyment of the surrounding neighbors and to respect their privacy and property. Tenant and their guests must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by Management. Tenant shall obtain pre-approval for any guest not listed in this Agreement. There is a strict noise curfew beginning at 10PM, if Tenant violates noise curfew resulting in fine, the Tenant will be obligated to pay a $200 fine for a first offense. If a second noise complaint occurs then all tenants will be evicted and required to vacate the property. All rents will be forfeited and fines up to 3 times the normal nightly rate may apply.
13. RIGHT TO ENTER: Agent shall have the right to enter the Premises for inspection, maintenance, and repair during reasonable hours.
14. LOST KEYS: $50 fee for lost or unreturned keys.
15. ATTORNEY’S FEES: If Management employs an attorney to enforce the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Tenant shall be responsible for all costs and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by the Agent whether or not suit is filed. Both Agent and Tenant waive the right to demand a jury trial concerning any litigation between Agent and Tenant.
16. NON-WAIVER: Any failure by the Agent to exercise any rights under this Agreement or Montana law shall not constitute a waiver of the Agent’s rights.
17. INDEMNIFICATION: Tenant agrees to reimburse Agent upon demand for the cost of repairs or service caused by the negligence or improper use by Tenant, their family, or guests. Tenant will indemnify and hold harmless Agent from all losses, damages, liabilities, and expenses which can be claimed against Agent for any injuries or damages to person or property caused by the acts, omissions, neglect, or fault of the Tenant, their family, or guests or arising from Tenant’s failure to comply with any applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, or regulations.
18. MODIFICATIONS: No subsequent alteration, amendment, changes, or additions to this lease shall be binding upon the Agent or Tenant unless reduced to writing and signed by the parties.
19. VIOLATIONS: Tenant fully acknowledges and accepts all terms and conditions of this Agreement. Any violations of this Agreement may result in early termination without reimbursement and/or fees up to 3 times the daily rent.
20. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This lease, exhibits, and attachments, if any, set forth the entire agreement between Agent and Tenant concerning the Premises. There are no covenants, promises, agreements, conditions, or understandings between them other than those set forth herein. If any provision in this Agreement is illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, that provision shall be void. All other terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be in effect. Each Tenant executing this Agreement shall be jointly and severally liable for all obligations herein. Each Tenant on the lease shall be held jointly and severally liable for the full performance of the lease.
21. PROPERTY SHOWINGS: Occasionally a property is listed for sale while being occupied as vacation rental. We are required to give a minimum of 24 hours notice if an authorized agent is showing the property during the time of a vacation rental. Tenant agrees that with 24 hour notice showings must be accommodated.
Tenant Signature Date Tenant Signature Date Tenant Signature Date Management Signature Dat(URL HIDDEN)Initial



Sarah's condo was a perfect spot to stay in while we were exploring Glacier National Park! It was an easy check in / out and parking was right near the unit. The pools and private lake were at different locations so we only used the outdoor pool. We had a great time!

The Sawtooth house is in a quiet, forested village half-way up Big Mountain. The Whitefish location has a lakefront beach, restaurants/breweries, and easy access to the west side of Glacier NP. A great choice for active travelers who are looking for a comfortable home base from which to explore.

This was our first visit to Glacier National Park and was somewhere we'd been looking to come for years. There were 4x adults and a 2yr old. Sarah's condo was the perfect location for us, it offered close access to both Whitefish mountain (for keen skiers in the winter/hikers in the summer) and was less than an hours drive to the West entrance of Glacier, and Lake McDonald. Whitefish is a beautiful little town and had everything we needed for our trip; shops, restaurants, breweries, parks and plenty of gas stations. All within a 10-15 minute drive from the condo. The condo itself was very well maintained. Clean and tidy, well presented and a great floor plan. 2 bedrooms downstairs; 1x room with a Queen Bed, 1x room with a bunk bed. The loft space above the living area had another queen bed. The kitchen had everything you'd need, fridge/freezer, dish washer, microwave and cooker. All clean and working. The one thing we weren't prepared for was the coin operated laundry. We may have miss-read the condo description but worth noting that it's not within the condo. It's located a short 2 min walk down from the condo - 4x washers, 4x dryers - $1.50 per machine - make sure to take Qtrs in case the change machine is empty. We made good use of the heated indoor pool and outdoor hot tub while our laundry was washing, just 1 minute walk from the laundry building. We did have a couple of questions for Sarah during our stay and she responded almost immediately in every instance to our emails or texts - thank you! Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Ptarmigan condo. Great location, great amenities and well maintained complex.

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The unit was a great spot for my family's visit to Glacier National Park. It's about a 10-minute drive from Whitefish in a beautiful wooded area. The complex also has a great pool. Rob and Sarah were excellent hosts -- they communicated well in setting up the reservation, sharing the details of our arrival, and meeting a couple of needs that came up during the week (for example, they provided a lamp to brighten the living space).

Our family had a great stay at Rob's condo. It is close to Glacier National park and Whitefish with plenty to do. There is also an indoor pool and hot tub!


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