Lovely front of the house full of stucco. Entrance to the house
Spacious one bedroom flat in Prague city centre
Spacious one bedroom flat in Prague city centre

If you are looking for a comfortable flat full of charm and character, you are at the right place. High ceiling (3.2m), molding, wing doors, elegant dining room, period style furniture...all that in a renovated house from the 1900's in city centre. Tram Nr. 9, 16, 36 and 10 are 2 min walk from the flat. They will take you in a few min to the very heart of town. 5 min walk to the metro station ANDĚL (yellow B line) which is only 3 stops away from Wenceslas Square. Anděl is a very popular area.


The flat is right in the very heart of Anděl area, a very popular place with lots of pubs, restaurants and shops. One of the most popular malls ANDĚL is located here, just 5 min walk from the flat. You will find a huge TESCO supermarket in there together with a food court, many shops and cafes.

Anděl has an underground station called ANDĚL, which is only 3 stops from Wenceslas Square, the very heart of the city.


You have access to all areas in the flat with exception of the walk-in closet.


I will be able to meet some of my guests depending on the dates. Other then that, my neighbor, Mrs Čapounová, an experienced airbnb hostess, will look after you whilst you stay in the apartment. Her flat is just opposite mine.


I just ask all my guest to be quiet and respect the rules of the house. That means no loud music after 10 pm, no wild parties, no smoking and no pets are allowed in the flat.

I prefer single travelers or a middle aged couple who have come to Prague to explore the historical and cultural richness of this city. No binge-drining parties, hen or stag parties from the UK or Germany.

Look after the flat during your stay. It cost me a lost of sweat and toil to bring this flat to life.

額外房客 $113 HKD / 晚 (若多於一位房客的人均價格)
清潔費 $180 HKD
押金 $946 HKD
每週折扣: 5%
周末價格 $284 HKD / 晚
入住時間為14:00 - 18:00


Our experience with the rental was bad. I had all good experience (London, Switzerland, Austria, Prague)except this one! His photos didn’t present the real situation of the house. It is a broken house that is not clean and it wasn’t as bright as the pictures, especially at night. There are 2 big holes on the wall in the blue bedroom and there are gaps between walls and floors in the sitting room. The best part of the house was the dining room. The host set up a lot of rules to protect his house, but he did not maintain it well himself. It’s kind of waste, I think he should put more effort for the house. The below is his message when we check out the same night we arrived. I have added my comment following with == > Hello, what do you mean it smells strange? Maybe the tenant cooked something in the morning before they left. So just open the windows for a while and problem is solved! == > Smell was from the house and not from cooking, maybe from the construction? We did try to open the window for an hour, but it did not help Second: there are 2 night stand lamps in the bedrooms. It is a bedroom and people go to sleep there so there is no need for a ceiling light. The lamps are good for reading before bedtime, too. The hotel I am staying in now also has NO central light. It has only several lamps!!! == > We were unable to put our bags in the bedroom and the 2 nightstand lamps were not very bright. The walls are painted blue and the lamps lighted yellow… Third: the heating is regulated centrally above the cooker. There you just adjust the temperature you want. I told you in those many emails before you arrived that on the dining table there is a list of are do's and dont's and the heating is one of them. Why did you not read it? == > We arrived at 7pm and the temperature was -1c. Is it not common sense for you to turn on the heater for your guests when the temperature is cold? I did read your rules list until line no.6 or 7, but I stopped because it was rather long. Is it not possible that I did not see anything about the warmer perhaps? The same with the instructions to the flat. You have access to my profile where I wrote in detail how to get to the flat. How can you get lost? I even sent you an email before your arrival yesterday about detailed directions!!! My neighbor was waiting for you for more than an hour. She called you a few times. Nowadays with all the modern technology you still get lost. Before you travel somewhere, you check with (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN)maps the directions. Noting is easier than that. And I gave you directions, too. == > As...
First-the gaps between the edge of the parquet floor and the (URL HIDDEN) is about 1 inch gap! the parquet floor has been renovated and the original 2 inch skirting board has been removed to allow for the renovation. New skirting boards will be installed. Why is that bothering you??? It has not bothered any other tenant. Second...Why are you saying you could not put your luggage into the bedroom? There is plenty of space in the bedroom? Did you arrive with a truck? Third-...The house is not broken. What does it mean anyway? This house has been renovated. New roof, new front, new modern lift but all the old features like the 100 years old railing, the windows and window pains were saved. But you would not notice these. That is what I said in my feedback to you. You can't appreciate the beauty of old houses. You come from Hong Kong where it is just masses of high rises made of concrete and glass. No old houses like mine build in 1905. Fourth...Heating...Why should the heating be on high if there is nobody in the flat? It is on minimum so that there is at least 18C. When someone checks in, they turn the thermostat on and the flat is warm in a few minutes. The walls are 60 cm thick in this house. Great insulation so the heating does not need long to warm up the 65m2!!! Honestly, how stupid! Sixth...Dos and donts should be read by everyone. Every house has rules. And it is not long. For god sakes-it is an A4 size page and there are about 10, 13 rules, it is more like how things work than rules. Don't complain about heating. If you had read that page, which would have taken you 5 min, you would have known there is thermostat above the cooker. Why is it that none of the people who have stayed in the flat had not mentioned any of this. Whats more they left a nice feedback and were happy with their stay??? Just think about that.....

Nice flat. Pavel was very flexible in communication! Thanks!

Pavle place is a great place to stay at, if he will finish the refurbishment and the kitchen it will be an amazing place!

Der Aufenthalt in Pavels Wohnung war sehr angenehm; die Wohnung liegt in einem renovierten Altbau, ist mit allem, was für einen komfortablen Aufenthalt notwendig ist, ausgestattet und teilweise sehr liebevoll, teilweise pragmatisch gestaltet. Pavel ist gut erreichbar und gibt beim Check-in alle notwendigen Informationen. Außerdem spricht er sehr gut Deutsch und wohl auch noch mehrere andere Sprachen! Danke, dass wir die Wohnung nutzen konnten!

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Good place amazing host. Will visit again.

Pavel is a interesting host that respects those who respects his apartment and his beloved city. He is kind and willing to help you to enjoy your stay at Prague.

Pavel was a good host with good communication. Flat is as described great value for location and very close to Andel. Great tram links to whole city.

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I love traveling, collecting antiques, bone china, reading, history, cooking, fine dining, throwing dinner parties for friends, and above all exploring Prague and all it has to offer.

I am an old soul trapped in a young man's body. I like people with manners, people who have things to say. People who appreciate history, the rich history of Bohemia and its architecture and culture.

My flat is tastefully furnished, full of charm and character. 3.2 m high ceilings, original over 100 years old two-wing doors, all that in a completely renovated house from the 1900's in Prague centre. It will suit a single traveller, or a couple who like traditional, old style, period living. If you are looking for modern design, my flat will not be your cup of tea.

At the moment, I am still renovating the flat so that you can have an amazing experience while staying in this beautiful city. The flat is ready for occupancy. There are some small jobs to be done like skirting boards, cornices, hanging pictures or wall paneling.

There is no kitchen at the moment. It will be installed in a few months. I guess you are not coming to Prague to cook. However, there is a coffee maker, fridge, kettle and a toaster so that you can have a little breakfast before you head out to town to explore the city.

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