The linens are new.  There are 8 pillows.  And the sheets are flannel.The entry door (on it the inside) has a dual lock for added security, both operated by twisting the thumb levers.

FREE WiFi/Breakfast/Netflix, 2 Night Minimum Stay


FREE WiFi/Breakfast/Netflix, 2 Night Minimum Stay



This South Hill, ground level apt is updated and private. It has a queen bed and two roll-a-way beds (request rollaways at the time of booking).






不適合2歲至12歲的兒童入住 - The apartment is not child proof. If you bring younger children, you do so at your own risk. A younger child may not be safe. Please be advised.





Courtney's place worked great for our needs! definitely would recommend.
Courtney’s place comes with a lot of unusual charms. This accommodation is far from regular. Think standard hotel room then imagine an entire apartment and an Albertsons stuffed inside. To accommodate having both bedrooms locked off, the bed is set up in the living room, the ki…
Wonderful value for money. Nice touches. Thank you.
amazing place would recommend it to any one looking for a cozy place
Airbnb connected us with Courtney after our original host cancelled the reservation the day prior to our trip. Therefore we were pretty limited in available but thanks to Courtney for hosting last minute. It worked well enough for our short stay and couldn’t beat the value. The …
Decent for 2 guests max. This was our first reservation with Airbnb. I read through listing details/description and viewed every picture; listing stated sleeps 4 people (2 rollaways available). Since there were only 3 of us this should have been more than enough room. Check-in wa…
Lisa, Considering you are a newbie to AirBnB, I would like to take a few minutes and provide some feedback to your remarks. I will address them one-at-a-time, and with the same disdain you addressed my listing. LISA SAID: Decent for 2 guests max. I REPLIED: Many guests are delighted that they can make use of the one or two roll-a-way beds. Many guests have left $20 tips for the cleaner, who takes a considerable amount of time sheeting them, and setting them up. When both beds are setup, furniture is moved to accommodate them. When one bed is set up, not so much. Regarding the closet, most are more interested in having the extra bed than complaining about the fact that the bed must be slid out of the way, if the closet is to be used. Most don't even use the closet, especially since most (as you told the cleaner), are just sleeping there, not "moving in". LISA: There was an unprofessionally dressed man. ME: I am sorry that you found his casual attire unprofessional. One thing you might consider is that this is an AirBnB listing, not a 5-star hotel where workers wear uniforms. You paid $15 for cleaning services. That doesn't allow for "professional" attire for staff. Staff are practically volunteers at that rate. So, your expectations are entirely unrealistic. As a newbie, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. First for reporting to AirBnB blatant lies, and second for thinking your lies would carry your excuse to not pay for a prime holiday period due to a spider on the TV. That was quite laughable when that got back to me. LISA: "Staff" told my husband he was going to be back in a little while to stock one of the fridges with breakfast (a little sketchy). ME: Again, most guests are please to have a complimentary breakfast, which many hosts do not even provide. If you find it sketchy that breakfast is provided, or that the cleaner was returning to ensure you would have something to eat, then again, you don't understand the comradery or spirit of an AirBnb listing. It is in the spirit of KINDNESS and treating you like family that listings are created. I sure would hate to belong to your family, if that's your idea of treating your family. Most are grateful to be able to stay in someone else's home, locally, than have to stay in an inconveniently located discount motel. When you made the request that the cleaner not provide you anything to eat, that was honored. Notice, he didn't stop by. That is where you should have stopped complaining. The fact that YOU decided you couldn't manage to "sleep" there, as you had indicated you were ONLY doing, is entirely not my fault. Your fears were your own, and entirely imagined on your behalf. There are numerous other reviews (50+) where guests have been thrilled with the value and their stay. LISA: The rollaway for our daughter was placed less than 3 feet directly in front of the front door blocking the "guest closet" and entrance into the kitchen area and hall to the bathroom (huge safety concern). ME: I suggest you pickup a measuring tape, so you can get more accurate with regard to your egress fears--as you told AirBnB. The reality is, from the edge of the roll-a-way bed, to the front door, there is 6+ feet. So if that is not wide enough for you to exit, then I don't know what to tell you. I feel that you intended to lie to the AirBnB Case Manager, in hopes that AirBnB would somehow take pity on you, and ignore their booking rules. As you learned, it doesn't work that way. Hence, you were charged the full reservation cost, as I was entirely not impressed by your blatant lies. Also, I must say, the Case Manager said, he could see you were telling stories that just didn't FIT, based on the evidence I provided, and the lack of evidence that you didn't provide, that you said you would. Lisa, this whole matter just seems to reek of poor character on your behalf. LISA: And although could come in handy it was so heavily cluttered with "extras" for purchase we could not get to washer/dryer or through to the back yard patio. ME: Well, I agree that the passage way to the laundry area is not large, it is at least 2 feet wide. I am sorry if that was too tight. But again, did you come to do laundry or what? Most people don't mind the free laundry facilities and don't use that as a reason to not stay. But I guess in your mind, that was paramount. LISA: Also, in what would have been a dining room there were two full sized fridges, three kitchenaid stand mixers, two mini-fridges and other kitchen items (still not a deal breaker). ME: Then, if not a deal breaker, why are you so bent on mentioning things that are irrelevant. It's obvious you were not pleased. It's also clear you booked an AirBnB, not a $400 per night King Suite hotel room. This is a classic case of a newbie who has no idea what they are doing booking an AirBnb. Sorry Lisa, but you really need to understand the difference. LISA: Listing also stated there were upgrades; couldn't find anything structurally. ME: Most are highly pleased with the upgraded OLED TV ($2000), where the picture is the sharpest technology available. Others find the free internet helpful, and the 1000 channels of viewing content. Some really like the cherry wood furniture, free in room telephone with unlimited long distance. Others delight in the expensive towels, free toiletries, and complimentary breakfasts, including unlimited Keurig coffee kcups. Some enjoy the location, when it's very close to their family's location. (That is not an upgrade, but a reason to book this specific listing.) Others appreciate that there are nearby eating places, and other familiar stores. But it seems in your case, complaining is what interests you the most. May I suggest you stay somewhere else, and complain elsewhere. Again, I was not impressed by your raunchy attitude, and I can't imagine any other host would be either. I really don't think you are cut out to stay at ANY AirBnB listing. And I think other hosts should be forewarned. It is very clear, you are more concerned with the laundry, the back porch, fridges, Kitchenaid mixers, and hall closets. Funny. Most don't come for those items. They come for a clean bed, a place to shower, and a sense of security. All of which are readily available within this listing. That is why AirBnB denied your dishonest claims. LISA: There were missing slats in the front window Venetian blinds so someone standing outside could see into listing. ME: Well, if you know of anyone who can see through the leaves of a tree right outside that window, into a 4 inch slot, where in the slot, the wall can viewed behind the TV, standing 6 feet away from the window, do tell. I have checked, and all I can see is tree leaves. And even if I am dumb enough to crawl behind the tree, next to the glass, the most I can is the wall behind the TV. But again, your need to complain is endless. So why am I not surprised? LISA: This along with the placement of the rollaway made my family feel very unsafe and chose not to stay; leaving within 20 minutes of our arrival. ME: The thing is, Lisa, had you handled this with any grace at all, I am pretty sure we could have easily figured something out for you. But since this was not how you operate, it didn't seem appropriate to do anything, but give you back what you gave, which means, in Listing terms, charge you the full amount due, because of your terrible attitude. It is not my fault that you chose to feel how you did. That's your thing. It is not my fault you have poor family values, no gratitude, and feel so unsafe about things that are neither here nor there. I am sorry, Lisa, but again, I don't think you are cut out for an AirBnB stay. Better to go to a miserable hotel, where you pay 4 times the amount, can expected to be treated rudely, like you like to treat others that you come in contact with. That's more your "kinda" place, it seems. LISA: Unfortunately, as a first time user this was not the best introduction to great customer service. ME: No it wasn't, and I think there won't be too many future opportunities to make a FIRST IMPRESSION with ANY other hosts. Hosts that read your review, will realize the sort of person you are, and would be insane to accept your booking request. I am sorry, but I have never been so irritated in ANY of my other guest bookings as I have with you. Why? Because it never ends. Your unbelievable sense of perspective, raunchy attitude, and downright lies are disgusting. LISA: We were more than willing to pay the 2 night minimum stay, however, host was firm on requiring full cost for a walk through. ME: Of course I was, as would be any host with badittudes like you offered. You expect that rules don't apply to you, and when you don't get your way, you act like a dishonest loser. Sorry, but that's my assessment of your intolerable ways. I hope you change your ways, if you have any intention of staying at any AirBnB. Why? Because if you don't, they won't have you back either. I have never had such an annoying guest in all my experience of operating this AirBnB listing, as I have with LISA. Hosts beware!!!!
Really great place, a lot of things for sale which is kind of confusing and should be reported up front but otherwise a wonderful stay!


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I have many years of experience in the hospitality/hotel industry, and I'm putting that to use where you receive the very best at about half the price of a major hotel. I have also traveled the world and I know what I like and don't like--when it comes to lodging. Hopefully we …
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