Well-Appointed Garden Apartment
Well-Appointed Garden Apartment

Very spacious (1100 sf) , fully-equipped basement apartment attached to our home with its own separate entrance. Well-appointed with fine linens, cooking tools, etc. Use of our lovely outdoor areas- fenced yard, gardens, and hot tub. Bedroom has a queen bed and bathroom has a stand-up shower. Laundry facilities are available.


This apartment is fully half our home. Guests enjoy their own separate space, yet all the amenities of our home. For those staying longer than a few days- we do need to enter the apartment to do our laundry, which we can plan around your schedule.


full apartment, laundry, yard, gardens, grill, hot tub.


As much or as little as they want.


We are a family of three who live upstairs. We provide a friendly atmosphere with peace, quiet, and respect for all. In general, we are quiet, but can get noisy at times during the day. Our favorite guests have been those who are here for work or study, so they are away during the day. We've found this is best for our guests as well as ourselves. But also, during warm weather, our garden is a delightful place to work and or relax in our hammock!


No shoes inside, please
We enjoy quiet time at night (10-8)
No smoking of any kind inside or out
Please enjoy the herb and flower gardens!



Spacious basement apartment in a lovely Boulder neighborhood with convenient access to HWY 36. Bed is comfy, bathroom is comicly small, but does the job and the shower has lots of hot water. I appreciated the library of books and magazines in the roomy living room.

Nathan & Amandas garden apartment was the perfect home for us in Boulder and we couldn't be happier with this rental. The apartment itself was much bigger than we expected, so we could we really spread out and make it our temporary-home during our month-long stay. The kitchen is fully functional and it's walking distance to two supermarkets, so we were able to make dinner easily. It's also very close to several restaurants, including Southern Sun Brewery. The unit offers a lot of privacy, even if you're accessing the shared backyard. Nathan and Amanda were both very informative and helpful, before and during our stay. We were actually in the process of moving to Boulder & they were able to help us out with much-needed recommendations and advice. They even helped us fix our car & bikes! They're extremely friendly people and we're happy to have gotten to know them. I definitely recommend booking this place-it's a great location, lots of room, with awesome owners!

Nathan and Amanda were wonderful - very sweet and welcoming and helpful! The space is roomy and has possibly the most comfy bed I've ever slept in. Good stay overall.

Nathan and Amanda were wonderful hosts who went far beyond what would be expected of an Airbnb host. They gave me very detailed information of how to get to the apartment, where to go, what to eat etc. They were extremely accommodating and we socialised together a few times - although they also seem like the kind of people who would leave you alone if that's what you wanted. They went very far out of their way to help me get around in Boulder. The apartment is spacious and tidy - it is in the basement so can be a bit dark but this is very much made up for by the ambience of the place and the friendliness of the hosts, who will remain friends of mine. The apartment is very good value for money and I'd certainly recommend the place to anyone.

Overall, this was the right choice for my stay in Boulder. Objectively, however, there are some things that guests should know ahead of time; not to sway their choice, but so they are fully-prepared when they arrive. The Good: Nathan and Amanda are incredibly nice and genuinely want you to enjoy your time in their home and in Boulder, generally. They offered suggestions and recommendations, but generally kept to themselves unless I approached them. The apartment is spacious, I thought the Table Mesa neighborhood was great (there's a park and a few different shopping centers within an easy walk), and it was convenient to get on any of the major roads to take you downtown, or to go to Golden, Denver, Ft. Collins, RMNP, etc. Additionally, you can't find a better priced long-term (I stayed for four weeks) place anywhere in Boulder. The Not As Good: The house is very old, and as such the walls are incredibly thin. From the basement, you can hear conversations upstairs, water running, their toddler crying, etc. Additionally, there are a number of rules that aren't disclosed in the listing: the quiet hours are actually a lot longer than listed (9-9, and then again during the early afternoon), and because of the thin walls, I felt I had to be a lot quieter than would otherwise be necessary. Also, the hosts are sensitive to smells, which made cooking challenging and also required me to use a laundry detergent of their choosing. Finally, there were an influx of beetles and spiders, primarily in the entryway/main room, as well as in the bathroom. It was clear that Nathan and Amanda liked things to be a certain way, and that level of fastidiousness may not be entirely compatible with renting out one's home to strangers. I think this location is best for those staying for a very short period and/or people staying for a longer time who are prepared to spend the majority of their time away from the house (which was my plan, anyway). In each case, if you are prepared for these "Not As Good" issues, and you understand that you'll likely be eating away from the house for the majority of your meals, then you'll be generally satisfied with your experience here and find the location and the conditions generally acceptable.
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來自Nathan And Amanda的回覆:
We have been renting out this apartment for 15 years to happy guests from all over the world. We are very selective in who we choose to house in this apartment, as it is within our own home. We love the connections we’ve made, the conversations we’ve shared, and the ongoing friendships we’ve maintained with former guests. This was Ross’ first Airbnb booking (which explains a lot about his review) which we would not normally accept, but we made an exception. Before booking any guest, we fully explain the situation and make sure there is a good fit. When Ross said he was going to work from the apartment, we warned him that we don’t typically find that a good fit. He responded that he planned to work from coffee shops anyway. When Ross arrived, he received a house document that was over a year old by mistake rather than the updated one for 2016. When Ross read that the rules were different from the ones currently listed on Airbnb, he addressed this with us, and on his very first day here (of 30) we explained the changes. Our daughter no longer naps, so there are no afternoon quiet times and the quiet times at night are as they are stated on Airbnb, not longer, as they were last year when she was a baby. Although we’ve successfully rented the apartment as vegetarian all these years, we decided to open it up to meat eaters this year. Thus, that rule is no longer listed on Airbnb, as it is not a requirement. When Ross asked about this, we made it clear to him that it was no longer a rule and that he need not worry about it. Boulder is a city with high expectations for environmental stewardship and we are proud to do our part. The very nicest brand of biodegradable laundry detergent without chemical scent is supplied for guests, as it is the right thing to do for our air and waterways. Also we would never use pesticides on our property, and instead remove insects and spiders to the outdoors on a case-by-case basis. Spiders are regular houseguests in any home in a mountain town like Boulder. As anyone would be, we are offended that he would review us poorly for a mistake that was cleared up on the first day, especially since we had previously communicated the situation, and we had many pleasant conversations during which he could have cleared up any misunderstandings. We embraced this young man and went above and beyond by connecting him with our network of local entrepreneurs in order to build the connections he needs to become an entrepreneur in Boulder to fulfill his dreams. We also graciously accepted an unexpected guest he brought along for a week without asking ahead. Thus, we will be more careful in the future to accept more mature guests who have experience with being guests in other people’s homes and appreciate the way we do things in Boulder. We look forward to many more positive experiences in the future!

This was a great place to stay. Nathan and Amanda made me feel very welcome--they were respectful of my privacy but introduced themselves and their daughter as soon as I arrived. The apartment is SPACIOUS and well-appointed. It's a basement apartment but is delightfully well-lit and very cozy. Only note of caution is if you're planning on making a lot of noise (party-type noise) between 9 and 9, you'll have to abide by quiet hours. It was truly lovely to stay in their home.

"Well appointed garden apartment" description is inaccurate. It should read "well appointed basement apartment." This is a more honest and less misleading description. I cannot negotiate stairs, there were at least 15, very steep stairs leading down. The windows were two thirds of the way up the wall, which indicated that two thirds of the apartment was under ground level. More like a bunker. I could hardly breath, hardly any air ventilation. I noted that the television in the photograph did not have access, and I was not allowed to watch DVDs after 9:00 pm. As a foreigner I could not rent DVDs, making the TV useless. There is not sound insulation/fire rating insulation in between the ceiling and the floor where they live, and the sound traveling down was three times worse than the sound traveling up. The bathroom was tiny, you could hardly move. The floor was not hardwood, it was vinyl which was cold on my feet. I suffer from MSA-C, and I cannot have cold feet. The draconian rules were unreasonable, no shoes, no noise, etc. They were very nice people, but demanding. Hopefully the insulation issue will be fixed for future guests. I was booked to stay 16 days, and left after 7 days. I was charged an additional six days rent, when they promised to balance the books. Not a great experience. Regards, Michael
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This guest had to be asked to leave after just a few days, as the experience of having him in our home was nightmarish, to say the least. We tried so hard to help him in so many ways, spending hours of our time helping him each day, as he arrive entirely unprepared for the healing journey he claimed to be on. Meanwhile he defied every single one of our house rules he agreed upon before arrival, kept us up night after night with noise beyond belief, repeatedly compromised our child's safety, and left us with the most disgusting clean-up situation we've experienced in our 15 years of renting this apartment. This is the first guest we've ever asked to leave, leaving us thankful for so many other wonderful experiences with gracious guests.

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We're a Boulder family that has also been living in Europe for several years and travels incessantly. Life is all about the adventure! Our home is well-appointed right in the city of Boulder, with lovely gardens and outdoor space, and well-equipped inside and out. We're familiar …
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