High Ceiling Cozy Room- Toronto

High Ceiling Cozy Room- Toronto


Large Room fully furnished -high ceiling & spacious. Conveniently located. Artsy place with bright colours & wooden floors...Buses at doorsteps of-Weston & Lawrence w, 20 min from downtown /keele / Lawrence west subway! M9N1W1. Steps from Go WESTON train. WE are NEAR York University, Airport, Etobicoke , North York & downtown. This room is discounted since we work here part time thus space is kept clean and when i work quiet.You have a self contained room with nice sofa & Fridge too.







Our stay in Jovanna's apartment was not good. The apartment is located right on a very busy intersection (Lawrence and Weston), so it is extremely noisy and dirty. Closing the window to muffle the noise was a bad idea because it was very hot in the apartment, even with every wind…
My home is clean and my kitchen always ended up being cleaned. You did not live in the kitchen and the room was clean. I told you that the room was on weston and Lawrence. This is not the HYATT hotel so please go to the hotel. IT IS NOT MY fault if this corner is one of the busysiest corner in (Website hidden by Airbnb) you should have take a room on 7th floor so you are protected for the streets and the noises. You husband was sleeping well but you weren't because you cannot stand noise..that is not my fault that you cannot stand anynoise at all.. I asked you many times if you needed anything with proof on texts...but you manipulated me to pretend you did not need anything. YOU GOT A WHOLE NEW FRIDGE during your stay but you were as i see as totally ungrateful! you knew you were getting a hectic corner of Toronto...and if you have sensitivity to NOISE , all you needed to do is use ear (Website hidden by Airbnb) one complained about noise before like you did! So the problem is you not me or your HUSBAND who slept well. i don't appreciate your lies about in this review..you are very sneaky ..SINCE I HAVE TOLD YOU MANY TIMES that this room was (Website hidden by Airbnb) if you wanted a 5 star HOTEL ROOM you should have taken a HOTEL and not criticize and abuse of me in this manner.. i have been honest enough to tell you that i work her part time and that is why i had to alert them on texts SINCE THEY ARE VERY allegedly quiet and don't (Website hidden by Airbnb) I HAD NO RECOURSE but to text them but THEY PRETENDED they did get the message on texts and PRETENDED that they did not need anything so they dismissed my texts many times...THEY PLAY ALL OF HEAD GAMES which i did not appreciate..because it was well explained 1- the corner i was living on and what floor. 2- i worked here part time and i had to obviously explain things to them because they are not psychic. 3-They are very malicious people since they just like to attack you since they are gays probably and don't like women. SInce i mentioned many times and with proof if they needed anything.. 4- They said that they would not cook and yet they are criticizing that i did not necessarily wash all my dishes right away but i did. 5-They also left their fans on all day so i just told them to close it...this is not harassment I think you need your head checked for missing screws. 6- I told them that i had to show the room to another tenant and i nicely asked them when it was best for them ...and i had to show the apartment and this was very clear in our conversation..YET THEY LIKE TO LIE LIKE TO PUT THINGS OUT OF CONTEXT BECAUSE THIS IS A PLACE TO BACKSTAB PEOPLE AND COMPLAIN OUT OF CONTEXT WHEN THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE ANGRY WHEN I ASKED THEN WHAT THEY NEEDED. 7-THE MOP WAS IN THE BATHTUB SO THE IT CAN BE CLEANED EASILY SO NO NEED TO MAKE A FEDERAL CASE WHEN I SAW THEM TAKE IT OUT OF THE BATH WHEN THEY TOOK A (Website hidden by Airbnb) THE MOP DID NOT ATTACH THE HUSBANDS! 8-THEY ARE VERY MANIPULATIVE AND BOTH SAID THAT THEY DID NOT NEED ANYTHING WHEN THEY ARE HARNESSING ANGER AND RESENTMENT..I DID MY JOB..BUT THEY ARE JUST MALICIOUS. 9-I NEVER DISTURBED NOR HARASSED THEM, I JUST HAD TO SHOW THE ROOM ONCE AND THEY WERE NOT THERE AND I EVEN TOLD THEM ... 10-I FIND THEM EXTREMELY UNGRATEFUL SINCE WE NEVER DISCUSSED MY OWN FRIDGE..AND THEY SAID THEY DID NOT NEED ANYTHING AGAIN HARBORING HATRED AND RESENTMENT AND THEN LASHING AT ME FOR NO REASON AFTER THE FACT..VERY SICK SINCE I WISH THEY WOULD HAVE LEFT MY HOME IF THEY WERE SO BADLY TREATED?????WHY NOT LEAVE AND GET OUT OF MY HOUSE? IF YOU FELT THAT I DID SUCH BAD THINGS TO YOU? IT IS NOT MY FAULT THAT YOU CANNOT TAKE THE TRAFFIC AND YOU WERE UPSET BY THAT OBVIOUSLY..BUT THERE IS NOT REASON TO LIE AND MANIPULATE AND PUT THINGS OUT OF CONTEXT!!!!! THERE IS A POST OFFICE PROBLEM AND ALL THE DELIVERIES WERE DELAYED!!!! SO I TRIED MY BEST TO GET THE NEW FRIDGE FOR YOU NICE folks THE DAY AFTER YOU LANDED HERE BUT IT DID NOT SINCE UPS WAS TOO BUSY DUE TO POST OFFICE EMMINENT STRIKE..AND I HAVE TO HEAR YOUR LIES ON THAT SITUATION TOO?? WILL YOU PLEASE STOP YOUR ABUSE HERE...YOU JUST DON'T KNOW WHERE TO VENT YOUR OWN PERSONAL ISSUES... 10- MY PLACE IS CLEAN I WORK IN MASSAGE SO NO ONE COMPLAINS HERE SINCE I HAVE TO KEEP IT CLEAN SO STOP LYING...PLUS I SAW YOU WITH YOUR SHOES ON IN MY HOUSE!! PLEASE AND I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING! 11- I THINK THESE GAY GUYS DEFINITELY HATE WOMEN..SINCE I WOULD NEVER GIVE THEM WRONG KEYS..I JUST GAVE THE LAST KEYS WHICH HAPPENED TO BE FROM THE BACK DOOR WHICH WORKED FINE...I TOLD THEM THE KEYS WORKED WELL AND THEY DID..I THINK THESE GAY MEN REALLY WANT TO BE SPITEFUL AGAINST A WOMEN BY LABELING ME OTHER THEN WHO I AM BUT STIGAMTIZING ME WITH THEIR VERY NON JUDGMENTAL MEAN AND CRUEL REMARKS ON MY STATE OF HEALTH. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT..YOU ARE NOT A DOCTOR NOR A PSYCHOLOGIST..YOU HAVE ISSUES SINCE YOU HAVE BECOME GAY BUT DON'T JUDGE ME FOR BEING HETERSEXUAL? YOU HAVE NOT RIGHT TO THINK THAT YOU MIND IS BETTER THEN MIND!!!! YOU LOOK AT YOUR SELF AND NOT JUDGE OTHERS..I TOLD YOU CLEARLY ABOUT WHERE I WAS LOCATED, WHAT I OFFERED, AND THE RULES..IF YOU DID NOT LIKE YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT BUT YOU DIDN'T SO I TOLD YOU CLEARLY AT LEAST TWICE IF YOU GOT THE EAR PLUGS BUT OF COURSE YOU PRETEND THAT I DID NOT CARE..YOU REALLY HATE WOMEN DON"T YOU? YOU CANNNOT BE SO MEAN AND MANIPULATIVE AND CRUEL AND OUT OF CONTEXT JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE GAY AND YOU FOUND IT NOISY WHEN I TOLD YOU EVERYTHING CLEARLY FROM THE BEGINNING! YOU HAD A LOVELY CLEAN ROOM , NEW COTTON BED SHEETS THE ROOM WAS PREVIOUSLY CLEANED PLUS I VACUMMED WHEN YOU WERE THERE...YOU TELL ME NOTHING BUT SKEWED REMARD BECAUSE YOU ARE HARBORING YOUR OWN PERSONAL ISSUES. I FIND UNFORTUNATELY THAT MOST GAYS THAT I GET HERE ARE ACTING LIKE VICTIMS..THEY PRETEND THAT ALL IS FINE AND THEN LASH OUT IN VENGEANCE AND MAKE A STORM IN THE GLASS WHEN INACTUALITY YOU KNEW EVERYTHING IN ADVANCE AND YOU WERE GIVEN CHOICES AND YOU DID NOT LEAVE YOU STAYED...IF IT WAS TRUE ABOVE YOU WOULD HAVE LEFT.. YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS TO INTRUDE IN MY KITCHEN SINCE YOU DID NOT WANT TO USE IT EVEN WHEN I OFFERED IT..SO STOP YOUR EXCESSIVE CRITICISCM SINCE THIS UNWARRANTED..GET A HOTEL ROOM WHERE YOU DON'T HAVE TO SEE PEOPLE AND THE WINDOWS WON'T OPEN TO TRAFFIC. YOU HAVE NOT RIGHT TO BLAME FOR THINGS THAT WERE OUT OF CONTROL AND WHICH WERE EXPLAINED TO YOU FROM THE BEGINNING.. I SUGGEST YOU GET A ROOM IN A GAY HOUSE BECAUSE I FEEL THAT YOU ARE TARGETING ME!

I have stayed 5 nights in the private room of this house and unfortunately my experience is terrible. At first, i had booked for semi-private room then Jovanna, the host, advised me to upgrade to private room but i did not want to pay extra and we ended up in getting private room…




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