5 stars across the board; we are happy that our guests enjoy our placeNice Comfy Bed, with complimentary Tissues (you will need them in HK). Be sure and read the picture book about HK in 1946.
❤SuperHost's Private Bedroom on HK Island @ TinHau
❤SuperHost's Private Bedroom on HK Island @ TinHau





2 - 12歲


It is a quiet bedroom with a double bed, and a personal refrigerator, located just over 200 meters walking distance from the Tin Hau MTR Station's Exit A1. From my door... Causeway Bay Shopping District is 10 minutes Walk, Hung Hom/TST is 10-15 minutes away by bus or MTR and Central is only a 12-minute MTR Ride. Our guests are always pleasantly surprised with the convenience of our location. My Flat is situated within minutes of food, transportation, and cultural temples.

可住人數: 2
浴室: 1 (共用浴室)
臥室: 2
床鋪: 1
入住時間: 彈性
退房時間: 00:00
房間類型: 獨立房間


額外房客: $203 HKD / 晚 多於一個房客
清潔費: $39 HKD
押金: $780 HKD
每週折扣: 1%
為了確保您的付款安全,除了Airbnb網站及應用程式外,請勿使用其他任何方式轉帳或聯繫。 了解更多



Your room is a simple 1-2 person guest bedroom with a personal refrigerator, bed, chest, and a wardrobe. I always supply clean sheets, towels, and a cheery attitude. The wardrobe has ample room for your luggage, and the refrigerator is perfect for drinks/snacks.

I can accommodate an additional person if needed, but there is an extra charge.

Within 200 meters are the famous Hong Kong Tram and multiple bus routes that can take you to the Peak, TST, or New Territories. Great location - Only a very short walk to Victoria Park (tennis courts, swimming pool), Tin Hau MTR station, three bus stops including direct to the airport, tram stop, a huge range of food options, wet markets, and supermarkets. Walking distance to Causeway Bay.

Also, my home is very clean and renovated.

Why you should rent:
a. The flat is Newly renovated.
b. City view.
c. Bright, quiet, and airy.
d. Beautiful rooftop
e. Many restaurants within 30-second walk.

- No extra costs for towels
- I give you your own keys to the flat
- Free Wifi
- Convenient transportation

Please have a way for me to contact you, This makes the coordination the simplest. It is easiest to get an HK Sim, as SIMS are übercheap here in HK. Just stop off at a 7/11 and grab one( under HK$100 or cheaper) for all that you will need. Having an HK SIM will make it easy for us to stay in touch if needed

***Yes I am pushing convenience as a factor, as everything is convenient to this location.***


You are sharing an apartment with me, and you do have your own private bedroom. You also have access to the rooftop to watch the birds and Sunsets. Since there is a grocery very close, you can save money by using the very large by HK standards kitchen.


In the mornings, I will be getting ready for work, but always can make time for a brief chat for directions or suggestions

I always try to help my guests/friends find the other side of HK. The one without the big buildings, the one with green, and sea, and birds!! If you want to know more details it is best to ask. I am rarely at home, mostly to sleep, and occasionally eat. Other than that, I lead a very active lifestyle.


At the street level below my home are multiple restaurants, dessert stores, fruit sellers, meat vendors, and convenience stores. Tin Hau/Tai Hang is known for being the place to find a wide variety of food, which would explain the multiple BMW's, Audi's, Ferrari's, etc. always parked during the evenings.

Around Tin Hau/Tai Hang:
Large choice of restaurants: Chinese, Japanese Ramen or Sushi, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Korean, Italian, Fast food, Café (Local or 3 different Starbucks, and a Pacific Coffee), Sweets
Grocery: 7/11 (45 seconds), Supermarkets (Wellcome or International) (1 min)
Others: Massage (1 min), Drugstore (1 min), Laundry shop (3 min), Victoria Park (3 min), Swimming pool (2 min), Basketball (3 min)

In the case that you have an evening departure flight:
Please note that you can check in your luggage at any time during the same day as your flight at the Hong Kong Station Airport Express, which is only a 5-minute taxi or bus ride from the apartment. That way you would be free to explore the city on your last day, not having to worry about your luggage or rushing to the airport since you have already checked in, you will not have to be at the airport as early as everyone else.

All airlines flying from Hong Kong airport offer In Town check in, EXCEPT the following:
Air Philippines
Angel Air
Cebu Pacific
Jetstar Asia Airlines
Oriental Thai
Pakistan International


Are you arriving by plane? Or train?
I am normally out of the house but always make arrangements to get you in and settled. There is a chance I could be home when you arrive... Otherwise, I am out doing all of the outdoor things that HK has to offer.

Here & Away:
- Airport 60 min by direct Bus A11, E11 (HK$22), or MTR (HK$100 - 30 min via Airport Express then Island Line), Taxi (45 minutes - HK$300)
- About 3 min walk from Tin Hau MTR Station
- To shop: 10-minute walk or 1 station to Causeway Bay/Times Square
- To party/visit: 2 stations (10 min) to Wan Chai, 4 MTR stations (15 min) to Central/Financial District (Lan Kwai Fong, SOHO)
Bus & Tram stations downstairs and 100 meters
-30 minutes by bus to The Peak (B15)
-Three stations (15 min) to Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon


This is my home, not a hotel. My main purpose is making friends rather than making money. So, please briefly introduce yourself, your travel pace and rough check-in/out time before asking question or making reservation, thanks a lot :)

Also, when you arrive...
Once you arrive in Hong Kong, everything is quite simple, and all starts with a call from the FREE phones at the airport located in the hall immediately after you pass through baggage customs. There is also a Visitors Center there if you would like to pick up some maps, local travel guides, etc. to read on your way to the apartment. If you need a local SIM card, there is a 7-11 in the middle section of the main arrival hall where they see all types of SIM cards, I usually prefer the PCCW brand as it is the largest local operator.

Always consider buying an Octopus stored-value card, it is used at almost all convenience food places like 7/11, McD, etc. You won't need cash to carry most of the time, just an OCTOPUS card. Buy it at the MTR station. It is not only a travel card but it is also an NFC debit card. It can be used to pay for the MTR, buses, minibuses, trams and ferries and you can also buy things at 7-11 or Welcome grocery stores with them. The cards are available at service counters at any MTR station. The minimum price is HK$100 plus an HK$50 deposit (refundable when you leave Hong Kong, minus an HK$9 service charge). For travel, simply swipe the card on the unmissable yellow Octopus pad, and the fare is automatically deducted. Airport Express travel pass cards are HK$220 for a single Airport Express journey plus three days' unlimited travel on the MTR or pay HK$300 for two Airport Express trips plus three days' MTR travel.

DO NOT RELY on FREE WIFI outside my Home. Hong Kong has quite a few Wifi Spots, of which SOME are free, but you still need an HK PHONE NUMBER to activate the free service. Get a SIM, your life will be easier.

For more information, please check the Wikitravel page for Hong Kong


The above checkout of "Check out by 12AM (midnight)" is the same as AirBNB's FLEXIBLE Checkin. I work to coordinate the Departure and Arrival of my guests. I just ask that you have the room clean so that I can more easily clean it before the next guest arrives. It is ok to leave luggage in the common area until you have to leave.

Overall, I hope to make your stay in Hong Kong enjoyable, and hopefully be able to recommend wonderful places to eat and visit. Also, please remember to turn off the AC when exiting the room.

I expect guests to realize that this is my home. I don't smoke and expect my guests not to smoke either. Please be neat and tidy.

I do have a washing machine and if you have clothes to wash, you are welcome to use it for free. However, please do not wash clothes in the sink. I am certain that you do not want to pay for a plumber! ;-D








Alvin Derek的用戶個人資料
Staying here was great! Gordon is very outgoing, friendly, considerate, and overall a great host! He showed me around the place and treated me with great respect. He definitely earns his super host status and sets the bar high for other Airbnb hosts. Definitely stay here if you want a clean room that's close by to the station and just a walks away from other areas of Hong Kong. Thanks for having me, Gordon!
Super Host Gordon :-)的用戶個人資料Super Host Gordon :-)是超讚房東。
來自Super Host Gordon :-)的回覆:
Thanks, Alvin, We loved having you stay. We hope you can come back when you have more time!

Gordon's place is pretty reasonable for what you pay! For someone who wants to spend the majority of the time in the city, it's quite far out of the way, but it's doable if you don't mind taking the MTR into the city/touristy places everyday. We were there when it was very hot and humid, and the AC was a lifesaver. There's also a really authentic noodle shop and a beautiful temple around the corner! One big issue that I had was communication. Gordon sent us too many emails -- look, I've stayed with a handful of hosts over the years, in the US and Europe, and they really did communicated everything that was needed in as few emails as possible. Gordon sent us 3-5 emails a day, and I felt like it was partially how the airbnb chat&email system was set up, but also little things like "Hey we flush our toilet papers in Hong Kong, just like in the US (where we came from)" even though he didn't have any paper towel/clean hand towel so we were just using the only kind of paper available to dry our hands (Actually, he didn't have any full roll of toilet papers during our 3 night stay). He assumed that we were taking the airport express and scheduled our check in time 2 hour after our arrival, even though we never confirmed that with him. So when we took the bus and got there 3 hours later (still before noon, normal check in time), he lectured us like children. No one needed that after a redeye flight, right? During our last day, he also kept asking for 5 stars (up front) even though we did NOT have a 5 star experience. I felt like we were constantly being watched and lectured electronically. Anyways, this was an honest review. We've had a great time in Hong Kong, but I wish things like these didn't have to come home with us.
Super Host Gordon :-)的用戶個人資料Super Host Gordon :-)是超讚房東。
來自Super Host Gordon :-)的回覆:
Thanks for the review Asama. I apologize that you felt that we were far out from the city. My review is very clear with the location by Victoria Park. My listing also lists accurate times to the various places to visit, which is usually under 10-15 minutes by MTR. We are within 5-minute walk to the Tin Hau MTR, 2 different Bus Terminus, Tram, Minibus, and have Taxi's passing by 24 hours a day. It helps to be close to one of the major hotels in Hong Kong. Regarding Communication... This is quite a surprise to me as I answered your emails promptly. Even ones about adapters that are shown in my listings pictures. Since this is my HOME, and I have the option of being much more flexible than a hotel, I offer flexible check-ins and check-outs, sometimes this involves overlapping guests. I work full-time and because of that, I try to coordinate the arrival very carefully, since I could possibly have meetings scheduled if guests randomly arrived. To enable an efficient and easy trip to my flat, I gave specific instructions on how to get there and then I heard nothing from you for 2.5 hours. You did not say you were not taking Airport Express, and you did not say you were taking the bus. I am lucky that I was finally able to reach you on the telephone. Only then did I learn that you did not follow my directions. I then exited a meeting early to meet you. Regarding toilet paper, I mentioned in a note to you that a previous guest must have taken my last roll and apologized. I didn't realize that the roll that was almost full was being used for drying your hands. I also provided tissues as a backup plan. I truly am sorry. Towels.. You were given extra towels that we normally use as hand towels. There were hand towels until we gave them to you for your hair. There was also a hand towel always hanging by the shower. If you had asked, I would have pointed it out to you. As a host, I can only remedy those things that are mentioned. After the fact, I am helpless... but I do try to improve that with the next guest. Finally, Security... This is my HOME, and you opened my Bedroom Door when I was not there after I had clearly shown you that it was my room. This was a breach of trust, and I let you know that I knew. It was never mentioned again. I trust my guests with my home and expect that the respect boundaries. Yes, we do ask for 5 stars. Mostly because we have a number of EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia) guests that have a culture that is aligned with a different rating system than Airbnb's 5-Stars. We have hade many guests tell us that we gave them a 5 Star Experience, but would only give us 4 stars because in their culture they never give 5 stars. They say "4 stars mean that there is ALWAYS room for improvement, We never give 5 stars". My hope is that by explaining how the Airbnb system, and Superhost system works that we can more fully align values. I am sorry that you felt differently. I will work to earn your 5 stars when you come back again. I do appreciate the feedback, if I had known much of this, including that you felt there was too much communication, then I could have made adjustments. Thanks for staying. I hope that you can come back and visit again when it is less humid!

There aren't enough words to say how great it was staying with Gordon and Melissa. They are both wonderful, friendly people who opened their home to me and really made me feel home in Hong Kong. Gordon is an amazing host who gave me a tour and took me places I seriously enjoyed in HK. Melissa is friendly, warm, and wonderful. I felt taken care of the entire time I was here. The flat is central - steps to MTR and ding ding. There is an super quick and free airport express shuttle outside the door. Food and restaurants everywhere. A beautiful bedroom with AC and everything you could think of. Nothing missing, at all. I can't give more than five stars but Gordon and Melissa deserve it if I could. Best airbnb experience ever.
Super Host Gordon :-)的用戶個人資料Super Host Gordon :-)是超讚房東。
來自Super Host Gordon :-)的回覆:
You rocked as a guest!!!! Glad you were able to share the local and international dragonboat races with us! I only wish that we had been in the same heat! Come back again, or we will see you at another race. You were an incredible guest

Nice host and happy to meet u at such a convenient traffic spot and so much great food and restaurant waiting u to taste! All is good
Super Host Gordon :-)的用戶個人資料Super Host Gordon :-)是超讚房東。
來自Super Host Gordon :-)的回覆:
Glad to have you Myra!! We wish you could have joined (EMAIL HIDDEN)e back again!

It was my first trip to HK & my first airbnb experience. It was awesome. Gordon is a great person to talk to, super friendly, passionate about history, geography and cultures! Tho I haven't been to HK before, based on the descriptions of HK's living condition by my friends, I believe Gordon's house can be considered as five star haha! Clean, cozy, spacious and beautiful. My schedule was a bit tight this time so I couldn't join Gordon's morning dragon boat race :'( . But I will definitely visit HK again and Gordon's place will be my first choice!! ;)
Super Host Gordon :-)的用戶個人資料Super Host Gordon :-)是超讚房東。
來自Super Host Gordon :-)的回覆:
Hopefully next time that you visit you will be able to see a dragonboat race. Thanks for coming, we loved having you stay


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Super Host Gordon :-)的用戶個人資料Super Host Gordon :-)是超讚房東。

"I am a lover, a dreamer, a believer of magic. I bought the copyrights on the fantasy of living happily ever after despite the monumental efforts of the real world to protect me from myself. I have taken every chance I have had to wonder. Perhaps it was 'wonder why I do this' or 'wonder when lunch is' but mostly it has been taking a big bite of the juiciness and letting it dribble down my chin kind of wondering. I laugh longer, cry louder, and dream deeper than ever before in my life and I wouldn't exchange a bit of the pain for a day of life inside the lines."

I am an upbeat outgoing person, with a passion for Inline Skating , as well as, Snow/Water Skiing, working out, rock climbing, cycling,... anything keeping me active. There is always a little kid in me saying "Act your shoe size, not your age." Very passionate about things that I believe in, Always working to grow as a person and to learn to not take "life" for granted, I like to read books promoting self-awareness. I also love to cook, just lay around sometimes, or get outdoors and work up a sweat. I work to LIVE, not live to WORK - I define myself not by my job, but by what I get pleasure in. Living for the moment, I enjoy each breath of fresh air, and try to not take life too seriously.

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