Renovated Cozy Cabin for Family Getaways
整個小木屋 · 7位旅人 · 4張床 · 2間浴室

Renovated Cozy Cabin for Family GetawaysRecently renovated cozy cabin getaway near Poconos and Jim Thorpe (in Hickory Hills Community) with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, new wood stove, screen porch, deck, beautiful creek, piano, fully stocked kitchen , expandable dining table, all new appliances including washer & dryer, new grill, and children's room with toys & books. House is located on a quiet gravel drive in a private community. Access to nearby lake, playgrounds, and basketball court. Community swimming pool available in summer months.

整個出租單位 · 2位旅人 · 1張床 · 1間浴室

山地度假勝地最近翻修的第二層單間公寓。 獨立入口,有樓梯。 主要住宅的第二階。 高天花板,暴露的光束,天窗。 俯瞰房源的私人甲板。 免費咖啡、茶和零食。 微波爐、咖啡機、冰 箱。55英寸智能電視,可存取您的netflix、hulu等,以及當地頻道 距離威爾克斯-巴雷市中心15分鐘車程。 提供牀上用品/浴巾。 入住:下午4點後 退房:中午12 點後免費泊車/WiFi 禁止寵物或吸煙(適合過敏)

Pocono 2臥室農村原木小屋
整個小木屋 · 4位旅人 · 3張床 · 1間浴室

Pocono 2臥室農村原木小屋這是個美麗的半獨立小屋。你將有隱私權,切勿與他人分享任何設備與服務,但通往我們其他小木屋的車道經過這個小木屋。 非常安靜,所有房客互相尊重隱私和安靜。我們致力保護旅人的安全。 我們有商業消毒霧,每位房客前後都會使用。它用消毒劑霧化整個小木屋。



  • 旅居
  • 酒店
  • 獨一無二的旅居


  • 廚房
  • WiFi
  • 泳池
  • 建築物內免費泊車
  • 冷氣


  1. 整個鄉村小屋
  2. White Haven
Cozy Lakeside Cottage: Hot tub, Lake Access, +More
每晚$1,718 HKD
  1. 整個loft居住空間
  2. 米爾福德
每晚$1,541 HKD
  1. 整個鄉村小屋
  2. 庫爾博鎮(Coolbaugh Township)
Cheerful 3 Bedroom w nearby pool and beach.
每晚$1,167 HKD
  1. 整個住宅
  2. Dingmans Ferry
Cozy lake house
每晚$1,113 HKD
  1. 整個鄉村小屋
  2. 托比漢納(Tobyhanna)
Beautiful & Bright Contemporary Retreat.
每晚$1,634 HKD
  1. 整個小木屋
  2. 庫爾博鎮(Coolbaugh Township)
Hidden Chalet in Arrowhead Lake!
每晚$1,055 HKD
  1. 整個出租單位
  2. Delaware Water Gap
Happy Hiker House- Main Street DWG!
每晚$1,082 HKD
  1. 整個小木屋
  2. Stroudsburg
Private Poconos A-Frame on Appenzell Creek
每晚$1,167 HKD
  1. 整個小木屋
  2. Cresco
每晚$1,506 HKD
  1. 整個出租單位
  2. 吉姆索普(Jim Thorpe)
Apartment F, High Street Guesthouse (Whirlpool)
每晚$1,216 HKD
  1. 整間旅居
  2. Blakeslee
Woodland Gardens ,適合2人入住的私人水療中心
每晚$1,195 HKD
  1. 整個小木屋
  2. Canadensis
每晚$1,028 HKD


Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Alpaca, Llama Adventure
    Come and join us for an intimate and educational experience on the day and the life of an Alpaca caregiver! We provide an opportunity for people 5 and older to feed, occasionally pet, halter train and a guided walk with Alpaca and Llama! In addition we will share some unique and educational information regarding camelids! Book a private experience for special occasions, birthdays, engagements!! We have limited availability during the week, however can accommodate larger groups via request Other things to note Please wear appropriate shoes (sorry no Flip flops or sandals) or bring an extra pair! We do have a public restroom and do have facilities to wash up before and after your experience. Our event is for children 5 and up. Please contact the hosts for questions regarding children under the age of 5. Due to the stress caused to our animals we do not permit dogs on the ranch. Thank you for understanding. Please keep in mind that Alpacas look different throughout the year.
  • Sanctuary Private Tour, Up to Six People
    Upon Arrival guests will be greeted by one of our co-founders or animal caregivers at our historic event barn. Guests will receive a brief introduction to the nonprofit and the property. You will be able to enter animal enclosures and meet some of the animal residents, while learning about animal agriculture and hearing some of the unique rescue stories at Tamerlaine. Many of our animals love human attention! Feel free to bring a picnic and enjoy lunch (vegan) while taking in beautiful views of the property. Learn about the lives of farmed animals and animal rehabilitation, while listening to unique and inspiring recovery and rescue stories that will warm your heart. There is parking on site when you arrive. Arrive 5- 10 minutes before the tour to fill our our waiver and use the restroom. At check out (1) ticket is applicable for a group of (6) or less. If you are looking to have a larger group, please inquire.
  • Bear Rock Mountain Boulder Summit Hike
    Great family experience as well as couples and friend groups. We will meet at Haak's School House in Germansville off of RT 309 and you will follow my car to the parking zone near the trail entrance. We will enjoy about 1 hour of total hiking along a sometimes rough rocky trail. My favorite part is the climb up a giant bolder formation with some deep crevasses to summit the most beautiful panoramic vista! We can then take 30-45 minutes to traverse the boulders and enjoy a picnic before climbing down and hiking out of the forest. Activity Waiver to be signed prior to hike. Please plan to arrive by 10:00AM sharp and not later than 10:15AM. Arrival after 10:15AM will result in cancellation without refund as a courtesy to your host and fellow hikers who will have been waiting. Other things to note This is a great hike for individuals, couples, friend groups and families! The boulder climb to the top of the ridge is the most challenging part of the hike and of course dangerous, and optional. Was thinking of adding a scavenger hunt along the way to add some fun for group? Thoughts?
  • Pocono Forest Bathing
    Forest Bathing is a practice that supports health and wellness through immersion in forests and other environments to promote the well-being of both people and the land. It is inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku. Forest Bathing provides a pathway for people to remember how to immerse themselves in nature to rest from all that consumes them in their modern daily lives. This practice can provide calmness, relaxation and an overall feeling of bliss. We'll begin with a brief introduction to the land and health benefits of the practice. Then for over 2 hours, we'll gently move through a series of invitations while relaxing and walking in the forest. The sequence of invitations are simple but mindfully created to help you become present and build a meaningful relationship with nature. You will have an opportunity to be silent, walk, sit and share. The practice ends with a tea gathering experience that involves locally foraged plants and small bites of organic food. Awaken your senses, slow down and make a deep connection to one of the most beautiful forests in Pennsylvania. Join me... come along on a journey in partnership with nature. Other things to note: Restrooms are available upon arrival inside the Hickory Run State Park Visitor Center. Enter the main entrance and the bathrooms are located on the left.
  • Holistic Equine Stewardship & TLC
    This session opens with an invitation to ground by exchanging energy with horses near the paddock. I will lead you in a centering gratitude meditation and intention setting for the stewardship practice. Participants in this course will connect with nature through observation, stillness and gratitude while practicing stewardship of equines. This course will provide insight to caring for equines in a healthy and balanced way that will allow one to bond with horses while using holistic and best practices to develop strong health foundations. I will share knowledge about the use of my proprietary essential oil blends to promote good health in equine’s, canines and humans as well as ideas to support existing health issues. We utilize holistic cleaning blends during our stewardship practice that will be provided during sessions. In practicing our careful stewardship plan for equines we create opportunities through which to bond with these beautiful animals and experience gentle touch communication through consistent care. Individuals will also learn the basics of equine psychology and how to communicate with horses. Other things to note: -Contact coordinator if you have any questions -Dress appropriately for the weather -All At The Center Experiences are time flexible. If you want a different day/time reach out to coordinate